Shunned by twitter. Banned from discord. Rejected by you.


These Rejects have been around. They've plugged whitelists, they shilled about staking options, they've raved about community engagement. Some of them became crypto-rich, others just became depressed. Web3 is about decentralization, blue skies and community propelled butterflies. Pog Rejects are the jaded realization of your pump and dump dreams without all the coked-out twitter space DJ's. Reality is just a dream.
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Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me

Our Team

These Rejects have been around. Dark circles around their eyes, carpal tunnel on their wrists, they endured Twitter Spaces, Discord fud-fests, both whitelist grinding and the grinding to create the grinds. They've seen some shit.
They met at an infamous party when Tapp tried to score a very drunk Maxi, and Versa had to intervene so he would stop being so sexually aggressive. A long heated discussion turned into a more friendly chat as the booze cloud started to clear and an idea was formed: let's be rejects together.

  • Maxi

    Solidity Developer

    Maxi was an innocent college drop-out turned solidity dev. He believed in the beauty of the web3. He was not a crypto maximalist, but he thought the blockchain was even more beautiful than Vitalik's eyes. After months of grinding twitter for connections, he was invited to create a ERC721 token, one with staking and upgrade capabilities, one with beautiful art and a strong roadmap. A thing of beauty. They launched the project and mint day was a major success. Maxi was now 200k richer, and started to act accordingly, attending trendy LA parties and drinking gin. This is where he met Versa.

  • Versa


    Versa got her web3 artist career going by starting a graffiti movement in her rural Indiana hometown, which was not very welcome by the local community of duck farmers and popcorn producers. After a crazy evening with a dangerous mix of blow and beer with some Danish foreign students who were cruising the country in motorbikes, they decided to paint a Trumpduck caricature in Mr. Danielson's barn, which lead to 7 days in the local jail and being excommunicated by her local Baptist church. After this Versa was done, and she decided to try her luck in the City of Angels. After serving dinners for 6 months in the outskirts of LA and learning about NFT's, she was invited to be the main artist in a pfp collection. Being new to the concept, she thought the 10.000 dollars offer was amazing until she realized that the guy who invited her made almost a million. While this led to anger and confusion, the money allowed her to buy some nice clothes and attend nicer places which lead to her quickly finding a better job, this time catering events, a lot of them in the Hills.

  • Tapp


    Tapp's marketing rage had always boiled in his veins. From selling marked-up gummies on the playground to pitching no homework Fridays to the teacher's council, he had been aggressively mouth foaming about something since he was six. He'd always been the best at everything, the chad with the biggest penis, an alpha among betas, a true god in his own opinion. After failing at selling cars for a couple of years at his dad's dealership and being arrested for punching a senior citizen customer, Tapp decided to leave his father's company and started pitching shitcoins left and right until he found himself in a crypto bear market that led him into nft flipping, a terrible choice given his unstable nature but a couple of lucky bets allowed him to have enough reserve FIAT for finally start thinking about creating his own project.